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Netflix Quarterback Season 2 Betting Odds and Prediction

Netflix Quarterback Season 2 Betting Odds and Prediction

  • Age: 29
  • Team: Dallas Cowboys
  • Career QB Rating: 97.8

Dak Prescott is already entering his eighth NFL , and there's plenty of pressure to win a . Dallas has a pretty good team, and lifting the Lombardy Trophy is within reach. Prescott, however, must prove that he can elevate his performance during the postseason.

I think Prescott is one of the most underrated players at the QB position. He's not the most elite passer in the NFL, but the Cowboys star is efficient, hard-working, and knows how to run an offense. His main deficiency is how he plays during the postseason.

In his four playoff appearances, Prescott has won just two . The Cowboys know that they must change the narrative in 2023-24. The roster is loaded with talent, and failing to reach the Super Bowl again won't cut it.

Prescott would be a great player to feature on Season 2. However, I also think that the team would prefer to focus on winning a title. Would Prescott turn down the offer? There's a lot at stake this season, and I expect Prescott to limit the distractions.

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